College-Army Girls like to read too!

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My name is Athina and I am a certified book nerd. Isn’t that how most addiction groups start? Well that is what reading is to me. An addiction, an obsession. Since the first time I picked up Time and Time again by Nora Roberts, it was like I was awakened to a whole new world. Though I probably should not have been reading anything by Mrs. Roberts at the age of 12 (sorry mom), It was like nothing I had ever experienced.

Fast-forward 11 years and here we are. Halfway done with my army contract and my reading habits have worsened. Now there is something else I just need to do. I need to share with everyone what these books do to me. Please let me know what you guys think and if there is anything you would like me to review.



Author Requests-

I love seeing my email filled with so much love from Authors and requests to review their books. Please note that I can’t get to everyone’s book and if I know that I won’t be able to, I will let you know. As for giveaways and contests, I am more than happy to participate. For more information about review requests and contests please email me at or just fill out the form below!




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